BBA +Diploma in Aviation and Airport Management / Diploma in Software Engineering

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is a 3 year course which helps in building a base in core business disciplines. The course teaches the students various aspects that are necessary for effective business management and essential for entrepreneurs and business managers. It focusses mostly on the leadership and management part of running a company. BBA holders have great opportunity in finding a job in all sectors including Public as well as Private sector industrial world. The methodology of course includes lectures, seminars, paper presentations, assignments, and dissertation.

1. Financial analyst 2. Management trainee 3. Operations manager 4. Business development executive 5. Marketing executive 6. Production supervisor 7. Business Administrator

Diploma in Aviation and Airport Management
This is an optional add on course offered to the students pursuing BBA. The course is structured to lay a grounded foundation for a modern and practical aviation career. The course is well designed to meet the demands of international aviation industry by providing a comprehensive background in aviation studies, airline and airport management.

1. Airline Management 2. Airport Management 3. Systems Management 4. Freight and Cargo Management 5. Airfield Operations Management 6. Customer Care 7. Cabin Crew

Diploma in Software Engineering
Information technology is swiftly growing today. Good working knowledge and reputed certification in the field is essential and it opens a world of employment to many. Diploma in software engineering is an optional add on course offered to BBA students. Programming languages and web designing are two major areas that are covered in this course.

1. Start an IT company with the help of Govt. Start-up Mission 2. IT Programmer 3. IT Consultant 4. Website Development 5. Website Maintenance