M.Com + Masters Diploma in Corporate Accounting with GST

M.Com is a post graduate degree which is awarded after successful completion of a two years program. This master degree course focuses on the systematic study of the concepts of Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Banking, Law, Taxation, Marketing and Management studies. B. Com. Degree holders from any university in India are eligible for getting admission.


M.Com. is the basis of further higher studies and research in the field of commerce such as Ph. D. and M. Phil. M. Com. holders can opt for higher studies and career in specialized areas like Taxation, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, etc.They can also opt for UGC – NETor JRF and choose to be the teachers in institutions providing higher education.

Masters Diploma in Accounting with GST
This diploma programme, providing a solid training and foundation in accounting and finance, including mathematical and computer skills for being a professional accountant helps one to work in a firm or as a freelancer. A GST Practitioner is a consultant who provides services to other taxpayers through online mode. A GST Practitioner must be registered on GSTN Portal and must have gained a certificate after going through an application procedure before he can start his or her practice.